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Another beautiful evening of food and conversation on the porch of the Longfellow House.  

Attending were:

Sally Chetwynd - Sam (a Civil War soldier)

Stephen Collins - Walt Whitman (the younger)

Mike Francis - Galileo, The Stargazer’s Apprentice

Deborah Anne Goss - Charlotte Cushman, 'Victorian Musicales',  'Anti-slavery songs', Proper Ladies

JoJo LaRiccia - JoJo’s DreamCart

Bil Lewis - President James Madison

Michael Mack - poet, playwright, performer

Tracy Messer - Calvin Coolidge

Sally Mummey - Mary Todd Lincoln

Lynn Noel - Gudrid the Wanderer

Gwendolyn Presutti - 5 African American women

Brent Ranalli - Henry David Thoreau

Paul Raffenello - William Howard Taft

Ted Zalewski   - Teddy Roosevelt, Postman Roulin, et al

And first time attending:

Bob Dicicco - And the Oscar Does Not Go To! Songs and stories

Debbie Wiess - playwright, poet and historical figures.


Mostly just catching up on things.

JoJo LaRiccia is still very active with Somerville cable TV and is always looking for performances for her different programs.

Tracy Messer is gearing up for the 100th anniversary of the Boston Police strike and Governor Coolidge.

Deb Goss finds Abby Hutchinson is getting busy with the power of song.

Bil Lewis calling all the libraries in the state, but his big gig will be bringing Madison to the American Legion in Colorado.

Michael Mack has been bringing a Conversation with my Molester to churches.

Sally Chetwynd is writing another book, a non fiction on Maine.  Phillip has been doing a breakfast brunch with President Lincoln program.

Gwen Quesaire Presutti is trying to slow down a little, but the work just keeps coming.

Sally Mummey is putting together an Eleanor of Acquitaine presentation.  Her constant companion Paul Raffenello is taking the plunge into solo performance with President Taft.  

Lynn Noel is bringing the first millennium of woman explorers to the Mystic Seaport Museum for Viking Days.  She’s also coaching women in business.

Brent Ranalli will be sitting in for Henry David Thoreau this Summer at Walden.

Steven Collins recited a few lines from his new Herman Melville programs, which is getting popular.

Newcomer Bob DiCiccio came looking for inspiration and guidance for his musical program on World War II, “Letters from the Front”.

Debbie Wiess came to meet the group.  Debbie is a playwright and poet who is thinking about historical figures for possible scripts.

As usual the Spring meeting involves lots of individual conversations  around the buffet table, so there was much more, but you had to be there.  Don’t miss it next year.



Mike Francis

Webmaster SoloTogether

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