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Abigail Adams - 19th Century, History

John Adams -19th Century, Second President of the United States

John Quincy Adams - 19th Century, Presidency, History

Louisa Adams  - 19th Century, Presidency, History

Louisa May Alcott    -  19th Century, Literature, History

Susan B. Anthony -19th Century, History, Politics, Woman's Issues (with Jessa Piaia)

Mary Antin  - Russian Immigrant - 20th Century, Immigration

P.T. Barnum - 19th Century, Circus, Museums, Popular Culture, Finance

Clara Barton - 20th Century, Red Cross with Jessa Piaia

Clara Barton - 20th Century, Red Cross with Sheryl Faye

Anne Bradstreet -  17th Century, American History, Puritans  

Calamity Jane Cannary - 19th Century, western expansion, History

Prof. John E. Carter, 19th Century Magic-Lantern Showman

Josephine Collins, 19th Century, Women’s Suffurage

Calvin Coolidge - 20th Century, Presidency, History

Charlotte Cushman - 19th Century, History, Music, Theater

Mary Ware Dennett, 20th Century, Survivor of Scandel, Agent of Reform

Mary Dyer     -  17th Century, American History

Amelia Earhart -  20th Century, History, Woman's Issues (with Jessa Piaia)

Amelia Earhart - 20 Century, History Woman’s Issues (with Sheryl Faye)

Albert Einstein  -20th Century, Science, Humanity

Ralph Waldo Emerson - 19th Century, Transcendentalism

Edward Everett -  19th Century, History

Annie Adams Fields - Victorian era, literature

Anne Frank - 20th Century, History  

Philip Freneau - 19th Century, Poet of the American Revolution

Margaret Fuller - 19th Century, Literature   

Galileo Galilei  -  17th Century, Astronomy, Science, Mathematics, History

Isabella Stewart Gardner     -  20th Century, American History, Art

Lt. General Ulysses S. Grant - 19th century, Civil War, American History, Horses

Grimke Sisters - 19th Century, Abolition

Nathaniel Hawthorne - 19th Century, Literature

Julia Ward Howe - 19th Century American History

Henry Hudson - 17th Century History, Exploration

Zora Neale Hurston - 20th Century African American Literature

Janis Joplin -  20th Century, Music, History

Helen Keller - Champion of the disabled  

Rudyard Kipling -  The classic Just So Stories  

Hedy Lamarr -  Tinseltown Inventor, 20th Century

Lois Larcom,  Lower Mills Boardinghouse Keeper - 19th Century, Woman's Issues

Abraham Lincoln -  19th Century, History (w/Steve Wood)

Abraham Lincoln -  19th Century, History (w/Phillip Chetwynd)

Abraham Lincoln - 19th Century, History (w/George Cheevers)

Mary Todd Lincoln -  19th Century, History (w/Sally Mummey)

Mary Todd Lincoln -  19th Century, History (w/Sharon Wood)

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow - 19th Century, Literature  

Juliette "Daisy" Low -  20th Century, Girl Scouts

Dolley Madison - Quaker Girl Takes Washington’s Center Stage

Christa McAuliffe - Education, 20th Century

Mother Goose -  18th, 19th and 20th Century, History, Music

Mary Lyon of Mount Holyoke -  19th Century, Woman's Issues

James Naismith - origins of basketball, inspiration  

Bethenia Owens-Adair, MD  -  19th Century, American History, Woman's Issues

Edgar A. Poe - 19th Century, Literature  

Queen Elizabeth I -  16th Century, History

Rachel Walker Revere -  18th Century, History, Politics, Woman's Issues

Sally Ride - 20 th Century, Woman’s Issues, Space

Mary Rowlandson - 17th Century New England History  

Eleanor Roosevelt -  20th Century, History, Politics, Woman's Issues (w/Judy Bernstein)

Eleanor Roosevelt -  20th Century, History, Politics, Woman's Issues (w/Sheryl Faye)

Teddy Roosevelt -  20th Century, History, Politics

Postman Roulin -  19th Century, History, Art

Susanna Rowson -  18th-19th Century, Literature

Harriet Tubman - 19th Century, Humanitarian Warrior

Deborah Sampson - Revolutionary War, Woman’s Issues (with Judith Kalaora)

Deborah Sampson: Farm Girl on the Front Lines - Woman’s issues (w/Janet Parnes)

Deborah Sampson’s  2nd Secret - Respect Program for children)

Lucy Stone -  18th Century, Woman’s Issues

Harriet Beecher Stowe - 19th Century Literature  

Annie Sullivan -  Teacher, 20th Century, Woman's Issues, Disability Awareness

Agnes Surriage - 18th Century New England History

Sojourner Truth -  18th Century, Abolition, History

Oney Judge Staines - Humanities, Washington’s slave

Cornelius Vanderbilt - 19th Century History

Miriam Van Waters - 20th Century, Woman’s Issues, Prison reform

Rachel Walker -  Paul Revere's Mother-In-Law - 18th Century, History, American Revolution

George Washington - 18th Century, History  

Daniel Webster -  19th Century, History, Politics

Walt Whitman -  19th Century, Literature (w/Stephen Collins)

Walt Whitman -  19th Century, Literature (w/Darrel Blaine Ford)

Abigail Whitney -  A Colonial Experience - 18th Century, History

Laura Ingalls Wilder - 18th Century, literature

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