Gail Hamel as Abigail Whitney John Koopman as George Washington Jim Cooke as John Quincy Adams Stephen Collins as Walt Whitman Jim Cooke as Edward Everett Deb Goss singing temperance songs Judy Bernstein from Yankee Doodle Dandy Judith Kalaora as Deborah Sampson Sally Mummy as Mary Todd Lincoln Darrell Blaine Ford as Walt Whitman Mike Francis as Galileo JoJo Riccia from JoJo's Dreamcart Kathryn Woods as Sojourner Truth Gwendolyn Quezaire Presutti as Harriet Tubman Mel Simons' Golden Days Norm Conrad in Mini Minstrels George Baker as John Adams Kate Carney as Rachel Walker, Paul Revere's Mother in Law Sharon Wood as Betsey Phelps Ted Zalewski as Teddy Roosevelt Janet Parnes, The Etiquette Expert of 1890 Steve Wood as Abraham Lincoln Adam Gertsacov of the ACME Miniature Circus Jessa Piaia as Amelia Earhart Linda Palmer as Anne Vassall Mike Lowe from the JFK Experience Linda Gray Kelly as Elizabeth Blackwell Wendell Refior as Ralph Waldo Emerson Sally Matson as Margaret Bourke White Ben Cohen as Paul Revere Sam Grant as Uylsses S Grant Historical Lectures with John Horrigan Phillip Chetwynd as Abraham Lincoln Terry Borton Magic Lantern Shows Rob Velella as Edgar Allan Poe Libby Franck as Julia Ward Howe Susan Lenoe as Anne Bradstreet Jackson Gillman Stand Up Chameleon Anabel Graetz and Deborah Goss - The Proper Ladies Katie Green as Mary Rowlandson Where History Comes Alive SoloTogether